Frequently Asked Questions on Website Design & Building

To make informed decisions you first need all the facts. We've put together a list of frequently asked questions we get when clients start thinking about using our web design and web development services in Malvern

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Website Costs / Pricing

Each website is different and we price our web design services specifically to the complexity and time involved in each project so it's difficult to give accurate pricing without discussing your site first. However we can design and build small websites which only need a handful of pages for as little as £500.

Can I see progress as it's made?

We have a unique way of working where you can always view how the site is looking at anytime whilst we're working on it. This lets us send you previews of how the site is looking prior to it being finished so you can give feedback and change things as we go.

I don't own a domain name

We can take care of getting you the prefect domain name ( for your new website. We can help you get the domain name that best represents your business and other similar domains that may help protect your brand identity.

I already have a website - How does the new website replace the old one?

We handle all of the technicalities of replacing your old website. It's actually very simple and once the new site is ready it's a simple case of us making a few changes to your domain name settings and waiting for up to 48 hours. It's that easy.

What happens to my old website?

Once your new website has gone live your old website can be taken down. All we need from you is the details of your previous website (the hosting company or person(s) that set it up) and we can arrange for the old site to be removed. Once the new site is live the old site will be inaccessible.

I already have hosting for my current site. What happens to this?

We can either use it or lose it. Depending on your requirements we may be able to take over your current hosting, however if your current hosting is not suitable for you then we can simply cancel your original hosting. In either case you wont be left paying for old hosting services you no longer need.

My email was bundled in with my old website

Not a problem. Our hosting packages also offer professional email which is quick and easy. We can set this up for you with minimal to no disruption to your current email. If you have another email provider such as Office 365 or Google Apps we can easily re-confiure your email so to you as a user nothing changes except your new website.

Can you get me to the top of Google!?

Maybe. We optimise all of our websites to best represent them to search engines. We make them fast, and easy to use which search engines love, however the perfect formula to get to that number one spot is a mystery to every single web designer and developer. We've had some excellent results in the past and will do our utmost to get you in the best position.

Can you set up my Facebook page?

We would love to! We help our clients with social media pages and management. We can help set up your Facebook business page and twitter accounts. We can also embed these on your website and add options to the site so people can share it on their own social media accounts.

Can I track how well my site is doing?

Absolutely! After the site has been live for a couple of weeks and we're completely satisfied we allow you access to view all the site's analytics includings how many visitors it's getting, how they got to your site, how long they stayed and what pages they visited. Together we can then use this information to target specific groups of people to generate more traffic and ultimately more business.

How long does it take to make a website?

We could design and build a new website which only has a couple of simple pages in only few days! However the reality is most sites take a number of weeks to months to complete fully. Making great websites often involve both parties collecting the right information, text and images to be put onto the site. We understand this can be hard and takes time for busy business owners.

Images - I'd like some nice ones on the site. How do we get them?

If you're showcasing products or services nothing beats your own images of these. It's important to get good quality images for the site and we can give you some guidelines for images that work well on the web. We can also factor in professional photography services if required or together we can look to stock image sites where professional images are on hand instantly for a small fee.

Can you design me a logo?

Yes. Your website forms a large part of brand identity and we often take colour schemes and logo concepts into consideration when designing the site. However if you're unhappy with your current logo or do not have one we can factor in logo creation during the web design process.

Will the website work on my phone?

Definately! Our modern web design approach means that we make your site work perfectly on all phones and tablets first. Mobile traffic to sites is always increasing so we prioritise how the site works on mobiles first and then add flashy features should traditional desktop and laptops users come to the site.

Can you write me my own mobile App?

We write mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. We can also tie these apps into other services and existing business data. We also write bespoke web applications which can all form a part of a single system so users can access the same data from mobile apps, website and tablets.

I need an online booking system

Whether you're a salon wanting an online booking system or a hotel with online reservations. We can write bespoke software so customers can book appointments and reservations. Alongside this our systems can offer you the exact amount of secure management you need, we can even integrate the data into other existing systems.

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