How do we design and build your website?

Even if you already have a website, it can be confusing and daunting to modernise and change. Our approach to website design and development focuses around you and your business.

contact us to start your 4 simple steps to a better online identity.

1 - Discuss

Based in Malvern and travelling throughout the 3 counties we see it as vital that we discuss in person your requirements. Need to update the site yourself? Want a Facebook newsfeed integrated? Together we explore the options.

2 - Web Design

With your design brief and goals in mind we design a bespoke solution to suit your specific needs. We send you design ideas and concepts until you're completely satisfied. All of our websites are mobile-optimised.

3 - Development

With a web design you're completely happy with, we code your website in the most suitable language and platform for your current and future needs. We send you live updated versions to view as progress is made.

4 - Deploy & Host

We test, then deploy and host your website to a platform that offers speed and security with options to scale your website as needed. Not sure how much traffic to expect? Don't worry, we offer pay-as-you-grow solutions.

Web Jargon Buster

Not sure what makes a site mobile-optimised? What is hosting? Don't own a domain name yet?

Don't worry... we've got it covered.

Domain Name

A domain name is simply your website address (or URL). When someone types your web address into their browser (such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) the domain name points to where your website is hosted.



Websites need a place to live where they can be accessed online 24/7. For cost-effectiveness the majority of small to medium size sites are hosted in shared environments by providers such as GoDaddy, Namesco and 123-reg just to name a few!

Unfortunately the majority hosting packages from these providers are slow due to you sharing a server with so many other sites. We have a custom solution that is significantly faster than these providers & our competitors.

Mobile Optimised

A mobile optimised site is one that gracefully scales to the device that is accessing it.

With so many types of devices and screen sizes that may access your website it has become vital that your website is usable and your content is best represented on all of them.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Chances are, you not only want a great website, but you want it to be found by new and existing customers too?

By following recommended and approved practices from search engines like Google and Bing we ensure your site is best represented to search engines to get you found.


A CMS (Content Management System) allows you to make changes to your website yourself. CMS's can vary in scope, from allowing the simple editing of existing areas of text and images to the full publishing of new pages and areas.

Content Managed websites come in all types. We can author bespoke software and database systems to your exact requirements. Joomla and Wordpress are examples of well known CMS systems.

Social Integration

Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter have become powerful tools in online marketing and the web presence for businesses.

A Social Media Integration refers to having content such as Facebook and Twitter posts and like/sharing options for your social media accounts available from within your website itself.


An API refers to an Application Interface. An Application Interface written by us can allow your website or web application to talk to other services.

You may want to use your web application to get data from a Database in your office that is then available for other companies to access through their software automatically.

Application interfaces allow systems to communicate and are often used to request and send data between various services. For example having a Twitter feed appear on your site is possible through using Twitter's API.


Databases come in many different forms. Two common types are MySQL and (Microsft ms) SQL (Structured Query Language). Recent developments have seen document based databases specifically designed for web data come to market such as MongoDB.

Each type has its pros and cons and most are not easily interchangeable. Getting the right type of database from the start if one is required is crucial.

As well as building databases for businesses we also offer migration services to move data from old to new database systems.

The Cloud

The Cloud or Cloud Computing is a very broad and general term most used to describe data and services that are web based and accessible online 24/7.

Our Cloud services refer to moving your business data and logic into an online web environment so it can be accessed as needed from any device at any time.

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